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Asset Management versus Wealth Management

If you are investing during retirement, you should look at asset management versus wealth management. The first implies that the management of each financial account or product you own is done separately. On the other hand, wealth management looks at all of your wealth together. Technically, these two phrases are interchangeable. However, our approach looks at wealth management as a more holistic approach to retirement investments. We want you to have your money available to you for the rest of your lifetime – that’s why we’re “with you for the long run.”

Why We Do Wealth Management

Lisa’s motivation to work in financial services began with her love of helping people. Although she started to train as a lawyer, she quickly realized that it wasn’t for her. Soon, she found herself in the insurance and financial services industry. In fact, she finds that she is helping more people now than ever. Indeed, Lisa loves to help clients create a plan to reach their long-run goals. This may include both investments and insurance products, depending upon your needs.

Her approach is simple. First, she believes when you build a house, you start with the foundation. Similarly, when you build your retirement plan, you need a foundation, too. To this end, we help clients to secure a portion of their money in products that reduce or eliminate their risk from the stock market. For example, fixed index annuities may be an option for building a retirement asset foundation. Marathon Group Financial knows that there is no one product that is perfect for every situation. Instead, we look at each client’s scenario and help them make the best choice for them and their goals.


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Fiduciary Approach to Asset Management Versus Wealth Management

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Lisa Brumfield has a Series 65 financial license. To maintain this, financial advisors must put the interests of their clients first and foremost. No matter what the circumstances, Lisa is bound by professional ethics to always do what is best for the client. In other words, being a fiduciary means each client receives a high level of service and attention. Because of potential market risks, investing calls for a high level of understanding. Having a licensed professional guide you through your potential risks can be very helpful. In fact, we focus on helping people to have an overall plan they feel good about.

As you may know, not all people who work in financial services have the same licenses. For example, some advisors may not have a license that requires them to put the best interests of the client first. Instead, their requirement may be to simply make sure the product you are buying is “suitable” for their needs. At Marathon Group Financial, we’ll walk you through all your options and investment risks. After all, understanding how it all works is critical to your future.

Wealth Management Services

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Our firm does not believe in a “set it and forget it” approach. Instead, we offer wealth management services that keep you up-to-date on your account’s progress. We take the time to meet with clients at least once per year and stay in touch as often as you need. Your money can work for you – if you have a plan and continue to monitor it. Certainly, our one-on-one meetings with clients are one way we can help you stay on top of your retirement. In these conversations, we can go over important topics, such as:

  • Rollover options and 401(k)/403(b) planning
  • IRA options once you hit retirement
  • Potential tax issues (NOTE: please consult a tax advisor)
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and possible strategies
  • Cash flow review
  • Retirement income plans
  • Beneficiaries – ideas for leaving your wealth to those you love
  • Retirement investing choices
  • Evaluating your risk tolerance
  • Big picture planning (how does everything work together towards your goals)
  • Individual questions or concerns about retirement
  • Long haul strategies
  • Needs assessment (does your plan meet your needs?)

A Plan With A Purpose

You deserve to feel confident about your retirement money and its management. First, this starts with a good idea of where your money is now, how it is performing, and what risks you currently have. In our confidential one-on-one meetings, we take the time to look at the whole picture with you. When we meet, we can talk about the specifics, and outline where you are now versus where you want to go. In addition, we can look for ways to further improve your plan. Also, we can review your goals, and share how we can help you reach them. No matter what your current financial situation, we treat all clients with dignity, respect, and with a client-centered approach. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation appointment. Let’s learn what all your options are. You deserve to have a plan with a purpose.

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