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Each month, Marathon Group Financial provides complimentary educational retirement sessions, available on-line or in-person. At these events, attendees receive a delicious meal (or, a gift card if attending online) while they listen to an informative and fun retirement education session. Topics vary from event to event, so be sure to reach out to us and find out what’s coming up next!

gourmet pasta dinner available at a dinner seminar with Marathon Group
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Here’s What You’ll Learn

Topics at our educational events include:

  • Retirement preparation strategies
  • Determining retirement income needs
  • Importance of having some liquidity in retirement
  • Long term goal planning

We’ll also cover specific retirement concerns, such as:

  • Options for IRAs, 401(k)’s and 403(b)’s
  • Possible tax implications of various retirement options
  • Risks of the market
  • How to identify your risk tolerance
  • Methods for long-term retirement income
  • Ways to protect your money from market loss

In addition, our educational sessions also invite guest speakers on important retirement considerations such as:

  • Social Security benefit information and strategies
  • Medicare options and what they mean for you
  • Estate planning and tax implications
  • Retirement tax law changes 
  • Federal employee retirement options
  • And more….

Join us at one of these informative and fun events.

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