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You work and you save for years. Now, it’s time to have that money work for you. When you are just 5-10 years away from your golden years, it’s time for retirement income strategies. Often, clients want to make sure the money they have will last their whole lives. One key to successful income planning in retirement is to have a respectful advisor who can help you in the long run. Marathon Group Financial uses a client-first approach to help you learn and apply a financial plan that’s right for you.

First, we believe some of your money should be secure, regardless of the stock market. Indeed, every person’s situation and needs are different. However, we find that most of our clients want protection for at least some of their assets. Also, part of retirement planning involve having a plan for income. First, we can go over your current accounts. Next, it is important to review your current and potential future investment risks. Additionally, having a clear plan for income is critical. Finally, our service includes outlining the options available to you. Retirees deserve to feel confident about their money.

Review of Retirement Income Plan

One option for learning more about retirement income strategies is to attend an educational seminar. Additionally, you may engage us in a complimentary review of your current income plan for retirement. During our time together, we will look at your current accounts, goals, situation, and plans. Also, we will talk about risks associated with your current accounts. To reiterate, we care about helping clients for the long run. So, we’ll help you learn ways to protect your money as well as suggestions that may help you reach your goals. Ask us questions, understand the impact that changes make on your plan. In addition, we can also review some of the following:

  • Why protection may be an important part of your retirement
  • Planning for your money to last
  • Risks of your current investments
  • If the market goes down, what happens to your money?
  • Taxes, estate planning, and other considerations
  • Tax-deferred ways to transfer wealth
  • Possible tax-free income strategies in retirement
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Income Planning Once
You're In Retirement

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During your working and saving years, most people are ok with some market risk. Generally, this is because you may feel that you have time for your account to recover if a market dip occurs. However, as you get closer to retirement, you may wish to protect your money. Usually, this means your plan for income may change as well. In fact, many people prioritize having a steady income over their rate of return in this phase of life

Fortunately, there are possibilities that let you keep money safe but also allow for potential gains. Also, income planning should also include where you want your money to go when you are no longer here. Of course, there may be tax consequences or other considerations if you decide to leave your money to a loved one. Work with our team to learn about choices for this aspect of income planning as well.

The Right Plan Is
One That Works For You

When Lisa began her career in finance and insurance services, her drive was to help people. She saw how some companies and advisors were treating their clients and she knew they deserved better. That’s why we are so dedicated to treating each and every client with dignity and respect. The most important part of income planning is being clear about what you want and need. At Marathon Group Financial, we make sure you build a foundation of protection in retirement first. After all, all clients deserve peace of mind in retirement. Once retirement nears, it is time to put some of your assets in a place where the stock market cannot drop its value. For instance, if you have money in a fixed index annuity (FIA) or in a max cash value index universal life insurance (IUL) policy, your principal is secure. Instead of having a link to the stock market, your money in an FIA or IUL links to an index. If your index rises, so, too, might your money. But, if the index drops, you don’t lose money. When it comes to retirement income strategies, get with a professional who can show you the options available for you.

Educate Yourself

First and foremost, retirees should seek education on the topic of retirement. Indeed, people who take time and gain understanding about their options are the ones who feel most confident. To help you gain knowledge, we offer various dinner seminars (or, online gift card dinner events) to those nearing or in retirement. During these sessions, we educate you on the market, and how it can impact how much money you have. Also, we review choices for keeping your savings protected, yet allowing for a reasonable rate of return over time on your account. Finally, we give you the chance to ask questions, bring up concerns, and learn from other retirees who attend the events as well. If you prefer, we also offer one-on-one meetings, either virtually or in person.

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Retirement Income Plans Are Unique

Marathon Group Financial exists because we believe in helping retirees have the income and life they choose for the long run. You owe it to yourself to gain as much knowledge as you can. Don’t just take our word for it. Reach out to us to set an appointment. Or, attend one of our complimentary events to learn more. We are a compassionate, dedicated team of professionals ready to serve you. Let’s connect and help in your retirement income goals.

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