Safe Money Retirement Solutions

Protect your retirement savings for the long run.


Each client has unique needs so no two situations are alike. For instance, one person’s idea of a risky investment may differ from another’s. Also, the details of your family, goals, budget, and lifestyle all play into which solutions may be best for you. However, at Marathon Group Financial, we help all of our clients keep at least some of their money safe. We believe this protection is a critical piece in your overall retirement plan.

In fact, our group has 3 main mission statements in terms of our work with clients.

safe money retirement solutions


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We believe clients should understand where their money is and how it is working (or, not working) for them
safe money retirement solutions

Rate of return expectations should be reasonable

Although no investments are guaranteed, we seek to help you understand your risks and possible gains when making a financial decision
safe haven for retirement money

Protecting money is the foundation

When you build a house, the foundation comes first. That's our philosophy around safe money retirement solutions.

What are safe money retirement solutions?

Look for ways to protect a portion of your assets

Generally, when you near retirement, you begin to think about safeguarding the money you have in your savings. As we all know, stock market value changes can create a loss in your account. When that happens, sometimes people wonder if their retirement can bound back. Certainly, it can feel like an emotional roller coaster. That’s what it is key to look for ways to protect a portion of your assets.

The balance between safety and potential growth

Marathon Group Financial understands this balance between safety and potential growth. For instance, when appropriate, we offer fixed index annuities (FIAs). With these products, you may see a potential rate of return, but you also can protect your principal. So, no matter what happens in the market, you can have a part of your retirement savings safe. For some retirees, FIAs may be a low-risk way to protect their retirement income and savings.

"Protection For the Long Run."

Looking to learn about your retirement protection options? Have a question about your current market risk? Register for an upcoming educational event. Or, call us to schedule an appointment for a personal financial discussion.


Marathon Group Financial believes in client-first service and being there for you throughout your retirement.

safe money retirement solutions San Marcos CA


Where Should I Put My Money

The stock market can be a valuable part of a retirement strategy for some people. This is particularly true if you are still in the growing phase of wealth. Indeed, risk tolerance is an important factor. How much risk are you comfortable with? More importantly, do you understand all your risks? In 2008 and again in 2020, the market saw quite a drop in value. With this uncertainty, some retirees are looking for more secure places to put their money. Fixed index annuities may be part of the solution for those who wish to keep some money safe from the swings of the market.

Annuities: How safe are they?

Although each situation differs, some types of fixed or fixed index annuities may be worth a look. With an FIA, an insurance company makes a contract with the annuity owner. As one of the conditions, the company agrees to protect your principal. With other conservative accounts, such as CDs or traditional savings, your money is insured by the FDIC (up to $250,000). However, rates with these types of accounts are typically much lower than other places you may place your money. In addition, you must pay tax on any interest you earn. On the other hand, FIAs are usually tax-deferred in their potential growth. Taxes are paid when money is taken out. In addition, an FIA might be able to provide you with a lifelong income. Again, be sure to reach out to find out if this option applies to your retirement circumstances.

Of course, you are the one in charge of your retirement. At Marathon Group Financial, we aim to give you all the information you need to make the right decision for yourself. Call us to set up a meeting. Or, sign up for an upcoming educational event to find out more.

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